WEEDit applications

WEEDit precision spraying technology is being successfully applied across various sectors, covering a broad range of challenging environments and demanding conditions. Systems fitted with WEEDit technology have since many years proven to be major improvements in agricultural weed control, allowing farmers to save precious time and chemicals in times where schedules and budgets are tight. Custom solutions tailored to pavement, railway, and airfield coditions are used internationally, helping government and commercial enterprises minimize their ecological footprints while achieving more in less time.

WEEDit represents a significant step forward in spot spraying. Affordable, smart, and flexible technology makes use of advanced sensors and efficient sprayers to locate, target, and eliminate weeds. WEEDit allows for savings of up to 90% in chemical use, which makes it an ideal solution for the demands and challenges of modern weed control. The modular design of WEEDit equipment means that it can be fitted and retrofitted onto a huge variety of agricultural vehicles and other equipment. Easy and intuitive controls turn precision spraying into a simple and straightforward affair. Wherever you work and whatever you produce, you will find out that WEEDit will significantly improve your effectiveness at keeping weeds under control.