Self-propelled sprayers

The WEEDit spot-spraying system can be (retro)fitted on your own SP sprayer, boosting the results and efficiency of the use of specific or expensive chemicals on your field to get rid of all of your weeds or protect your crops and the environment. Regardless of the brand and type that you favour, upgrading it with WEEDit technology will thus increase efficiencies up to 90%, while you can still use your existing machinery!


The adaptability of the WEEDit system to existing sprayers is very important to us, as every SP is unique. For you as a dedicated farmer, we realise installation time should be short, with little modifications on your SP frame, and that the added WEEDit is robust and easy in use. The modular sensor kits and nozzle lines, that are connected with ease to the existing power supply and herbicide distribution system, in combination with standardized connection brackets, are good examples of this. This enables us to fit on most SP sprayers, regardless of the boom width (up to 36 meters), machine setup and cab design. An add-on power supply ensures that voltage is managed and monitored continuously. Intelligent software, hidden behind our user-friendly control interface, regulates the flow of fluids and coordinates highly efficient distribution of chemical agents aimed at individual growth detected by the sensors.


Obviously, a good shape of your existing SP sprayer, helps to obtain a good adaptability and result of your newly added WEEDit spot-spraying system.