Mike Standly- Garden City, Kansas

Mike standly, a farmer from Garden City, was the first farmer in the US who started using the WEED-IT system. Our distributor Agritech America visited his farm and asked him some questions about his experience with the technology.


How did you encounter the WEED-IT?

Mike explains, the local dealer had got the WEED-IT system as a part of their dealership. They brought a unit out and demonstrated it, and it did a fantastic job. It did a whole field with like 10% of the chemicals that we would have on a broadcast spray. We didn’t see any misses so that was enough to convince me that the payback was gonna be good enough, so I had to go ahead and try one.

The upgrade to the WEED-IT Quadro

Mike upgraded his WEED-IT technology to the WEED-IT Quadro. He explains why he chose for this option.I like to try and stay on the forefront of technology. And I figured the first technology works so well, I know some of the advancements would go toward improving the system. We just thought lighting the weight up a little bit would sure help us with our self propelled sprayer.

Using the big sprayer vs the WEED-IT

If it is not a solid stand of weeds, I'm gonna try to use the WEED-IT, says Mike. It’s amazing, if you think that the fields are really weedy but if you have any bare spots on your grounds. I wanna run the WEED-IT across it. You think it covered 50% of the weeds. But you go spray and have like 60% or 70% savings in chemicals.

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The amount of chemicals

I mix up my chemicals a little harder/hotter. I think that’s gonna help on the resistance. I’m not afraid to put an extra 10 ounces of product in the sprayer per acre. This way i’m sure to take out the weed. With the broadcast sprayer you can’t afford that. Because it would make it much more expensive. But with the WEED-IT you can afford this!

The future

Okay, let’s fast forward five years. Our partner asked Mike what he thinks the WEED-IT has achieved for him.

“Well for one, I hope we aren’t using as much chemicals as we did in the past. That’s obviously a definite benefit! Our cropping rotations may change, might be able to go back to some more weed in rotation. That is a lot less risk in that crop, but our import cost is too high when we are running broadcast spray applications. It eats too much of our profit on the weed crop.”

The benefits of the WEED-IT

Mike says that the WEED-IT has got a lot of benefits. “A really large benefit that I see, noxious weeds like johnson grass or bind weed is really hard to target, because the mixes can be very expensive.” With the WEED-IT he can target it better and cheaper.

Chem fallow farming and the WEED-IT

Chem fallow farming and the technology is probably the main reason that I bought it. Mike explains: “After I saw what it could do, I was reverting back to running tillage, to running undercutters or V-blade sweepes because we could do it for $2 an acre, whereas chemicals maybe costing $15 or $20 an acre. And you’re doing it three or four times a summer just to catch up on your weeds. I figured that this system is if not as cheap or cheaper than running a sweep plou, and the nice thing is that you’re not working the ground. You’re getting the benefits of no tail and you’re only using minimal chemicals.”

Mike Standley’s WEED-IT system is sold and serviced by AgriTech America.

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