Croplands Equipment Canada

Croplands Equipment is one of our partners for distributing the WEED-IT spot spraying system. They are located in Australia and Canada.

Croplands Canada

About Croplands

Croplands Equipment has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality spray equipment since 1972. As a subsidiary of Nufarm, Croplands Equipment brings a global perspective to crop protection and application trends.

Having sold far over 10,000 WEED-IT sensors to growers and contractors in Australia, Croplands Equipment has been instrumental in bringing this revolutionary technology to market and now bring this sustainable spraying expertise to Canada. Despite the different climates, Australia and Canada face similar issues when it comes to crop protection, including herbicide resistance, increased environmental awareness and rising input costs.

“WEED-IT has helped Australian growers make tremendous inroads in the fight against weeds, and we see the potential for it to do the same in Canada.” - Steve Ross, Croplands Sales Manager.

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WEED-IT Quadro

The new standard for precision spraying, that's our WEED-IT Quadro technology. Effective weed detection and elimination is becoming increasingly important in today’s growing environment with limitations on herbicides usage, less preparation and resistant weeds. WEED-IT wants to help growers battle weeds more effectively. That's why we've introduced the WEED-IT Quadro. This technology is the next generation in spot spraying!

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WEED-IT technology is available in Canada through our partner Croplands Equipment. WEED-IT Quadro is better, faster and more accurate then his predecessors.

By using WEED-IT technology on your field, you'll save on chemical costs. Pretty cool right? You can see how much you will save by using our ROI calculator.

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Walkthrough with Jesper Voois

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Jesper Voois
Product Manager – Weed Detection Systems
Croplands Equipment
5101, 333 96 Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta (Canada), T3K 0S3
Mobile: +1403 831 3913

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