Jesse Brunner uses WEED-IT - 90% savings

Jesse Brunner, farming in Almira, Washington, United States has been using WEED-IT technology for quite some time now. What are his experiences so far?

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Jesse always starts off with blanket spraying early May. After completing this first round, WEED-IT is all he uses for his weed management. “The technology helps me save a huge amount of chemicals. In fact, I have roughly saved 90% on chemical costs. A huge reduction!


After the first round he’s back in the field every 4 to 5 weeks. He says: “Including that first pass, I usually am around 4 passes, for the Summer, and typically I’m about there for every 4 weeks. So yeah, the beginning of the month.

But this isn’t a hard number of days”, he says. He’s monitoring his fields very often. After that, he decides whether to spray or not. Also, the weather circumstances are an important factor for this decision.

Weed size matters

Jesse is battling the weeds every 4 to 5 weeks. Normally he’s battling weeds from 6 inches or less. In the ideal situation the weeds are 3 to 4 inches.

Jesse Brunner’s WEED-IT system is sold and serviced by AgriTech America.

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