Our technology has many different functionalities and options. Here you can read all the different possibilities. - WEED-IT Works!

WEED IT Quadro Red 4049
Spot Spraying

In spot spraying mode, WEED-IT targets all living green material on fallow land to maximise moisture availability and to minimise competition and herbicide resistances. This is the spraying mode it all started with back in 1999.

Cover mode

Cover mode is yet another unique WEED-IT feature. While using it for incrop spraying, your sprayer acts as a normal sprayer, but with pulse width modulation (PWM) to maintain the set spray rate independent to the operation speed and boom movement.

Dual Spray

In dual spraying mode, WEED-IT applies a low application rate (like 30 l/ha) full width and a higher rate (like 100 l/ha) on every single weed detected. WEED-IT is one of the very few systems capable of offering dual spraying technology with just one spray line.

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