Our WEED-IT technology is suitable for different types of verhicles. This way the WEED-IT can battle different types of weeds. For example you can install the technology on a quadbike, ground glider and trailed sprayer!

WEED IT Quadro Red 3736
Ground gliders & trailed sprayers

Ground gliders are ideally suited for any type of crop protection measurement as well as for WEED-IT, because their ground gliding wheels assure a constant height of the spray boom above the soil and thus guarantee an ideal spray pattern and distribution .

Orchard sprayers

Common spraying technology for orchards is predominantly aimed at protecting the crop by being sure that every product and/or leaf is touched by spraying liquid.

Quads - Spot Spraying System

This is where the roots of WEED-IT lay, literally as well. Our first implementations were on quad bikes for selective weed spraying and elimination on public paved areas.


In several ways robotics are being introduced in agriculture. WEED-IT is a perfect match for an autonomous vehicle and since 2014, Australian SwarmFarm Robotics has selected WEED-IT as its partner for their autonomous spraying technology.


With WEED-IT mounted on a toolbar, you have a dedicated tool to combat weeds.

Self-propelled Sprayers

WEED-IT technology is a perfect addition to any type of self-propelled sprayer for efficient, fast and high capacity weed detection and elimination.

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