Changing Application Rate

Follow the steps below if you want to change the application rate:

  1. Stop the vehicle.
  2. Enter the Service mode.
  3. Press briefly a number of times, until menu 104 opens.

  4. Use the Up/Down navigation keys to select the Spot and/or Cover parameter if necessary; use the Left/Right navigation keys to change the application rate.
    1. The spot parameter determines the amount of herbicide mix that is applied to the weeds that are detected by the system. The herbicide is applied at the selected application rate for any speed up to 25 km/h and also while turning.
    2. The cover parameter determines the amount of herbicide mix that is applied to the entire field (full coverage mode) or the rest of the field (dual function mode).

  5. To correctly calculate how much spraying liquid is applied, WEED-IT needs to know which nozzle type is used. When mounting a different type of nozzle, use menu 105 to select the appropriate type before proceeding. This nozzle is used for all PWM modes and can be adjusted in the same way in all of these modes. See "Setting the nozzle cap type" for more information.
  6. Press OK to confirm. All sensors are reconfigured and the system restarts.

      Changing the margin during spraying

      The WEED-IT system allows you to make changes to the spraying margin during use of the system, for example to compensate for strong winds.

      Please note that spraying during very strong winds is not advised.

      From the Main screen:

      1. Press briefly to open the Preset menu:

      2. Press to change the margin. By default, the margin presets are defined as follows:
        1. = 50 mm
        2. = 100 mm
        3. = 150 mm
        4. = 200 mm
      3. Press repeatedly until the required margin is displayed.

      4. Press twice or wait for 3 seconds to return to the Main screen.
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