Changing Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the sensors may have to be adjusted, depending on circumstances. Several different presets are available in the Preset-menu to define sensor sensitivity:

  1. From the Main screen, press once to enter the Preset menu.

2. Use

to select the desired preset. This function allows the WEED-IT to be used under different conditions, for example on a wet surface after rain, in bright sunlight or with very small plants. Each preset has a number; the number is displayed on the sensitivity key and in the top right of the screen. A low number means a high sensitivity and a high number means a low sensitivity:

You may have to experiment to find the appropriate setting. Check the display to verify sensor
response. A series of vertical bars under the sensor icons indicates the activity of each sensor.

Machine on Hold

Use the Hold function to temporarily stop spraying, for example when turning on headlands:

  • In the main screen, press the function key.
  • Press once more to resume spraying.

If you have installed an external hold switch you can use this switch as well as the function key.

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