Weed management

As a crop producer, you know that tackling weeds is a constant struggle. It requires extra effort, costs and can even impair the growth of crops. But what if we told you that there is a smarter and more cost-effective solution?

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Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming weed control methods!

Prevention is the key to keeping your crops healthy and weed-free. By using the right technology and management strategies, you can effectively prevent weeds from developing. This is why WEED-IT has created a white paper on effective weed control as it is a matter of appropriate technology ánd the right management.

Invest in smart solutions like WEED-IT and see the difference it makes in your farming operation and business. Read all about it in our whitepaper.

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Years of experience

WEED-IT, a smart technology that uses fluorescence technology for chlorophyll detection instead of camera technology to target and eradicate weeds, preventing the development of weed seed banks. With the design principle "Keep it simple, reliable and effective," WEED-IT has proven itself on tens of thousands of farms worldwide for over 25 years.

Revolutionise Your Weed Control

Achieve High Success Rates with WEED-IT's Smart Technology and Timing Strategies!

Unlike camera detection systems, WEED-IT detects single weeds (or patches of weeds) in areas where they shouldn't be present, known as ‘green-on-brown’ treatment. The sensors are able to detect weeds in a cultivated crop based on differences in greenness, size, and volume. Learn all about it in our whitepaper.

Additionally, timing is essential in achieving a high success rate for spray jobs. To minimise the effect of seed banks, it is crucial to achieve a very high - preferably over 95% - success rate when spot spraying emerging weeds. By reading this white paper, you’ll learn how to achieve this success rate with WEED-IT and keep the reproduction rate as low as possible.

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Invest in WEED-IT today and see the differences it can make in your farming operation and business. Contact us for more information on how to get started.

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