New Team - New Challenges

The Rometron WEED-IT team of engineers has recently been expanded with our newest employee Bart Lammers and the two interns Maurice de Koning and David Bergevoet. Bart just finished his study Electrical Engineering focussed on Robotics & Mechatronics at the University of Twente and Maurice and David both study embedded software development. Together with team lead Alwin Meenderink, they are working on new technologies to transfer WEED-IT data communication to the cloud. The engineers have also teamed up with embedded systems and IoT-specialist Inspiro.

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Alwin: “Robustness and reliability have always been the corner stones of our WEED-IT precision spraying technology and with the ever increasing installed base around the world, remote monitoring, remote service and wireless data transfer become more important. Furthermore, the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology is an important enabler for this new development. It enables efficient and frequent bidirectional wireless data transfer. This way, prescription maps can be loaded onto the sprayer wirelessly and as applied information can be send to the cloud for further processing.”

Talented young engineers are wanted/well sought for in agriculture and Bart has clear reasons for choosing Rometron as his first employer: “My primary reason to start my career at Rometron is the impact WEED-IT technology is having on farmers and their farms and on more sustainable farming. Our technology helps farmers save up to 90% on their herbicide applications and thus on the environmental impact of farming.”

Maurice says: “I look forward to being actively involved in practical team efforts. During my first weeks I noticed the pleasant and open atmosphere and the good help/support and supervision.” David also values the good company vibe and says he chose Rometron to graduate because he likes the assignment. “I learned that there’s a great deal of knowledge and know-how available within the company. It’s easy to get adequate and relevant answers to the questions I have. And, I like the fact that the solutions I’m working on eventually help farmers across the globe to make the most of their WEED-IT systems.”

Alwin concludes: “Having young talents join our company is very interesting and useful as they bring along fresh insights, lines of thought and knowledge. We plan on sharing our developments and achievements, so stay tuned for further updates.”

Rometron’s engineering team now consists of 5 engineers and 2 interns dedicated to WEED-IT precision spraying technology. WEED-IT - works!

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