WEED-IT Quadro gives Aussie farmers major advantage in weed management

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TradeFarmMachinery, the Australian website powered by Farms & Farm Machinery magazine, recently put our newest WEED-IT Quadro and our partner Croplands in the spotlights. It states that ‘The WEED-IT Quadro spraying system is giving Aussie farmers a major advantage in weed management’.

With over 13,000 sensors sold, it is the ‘industry-leading spot spray mode’ and with new technical updates, WEED-IT precision spraying further enhances the possibilities of farmers to optimise their weed management strategies to help manage hard-to-kill weeds and to prevent herbicide resistance.

WEED-IT - works!

Here’s how WEED-IT Quadro can also give you a major advantage in weed management!

WEED-IT Quadro
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