This magazine is published in July 2015 by the Argentinian Association of Regional Consortia for Agricultural Experimentation, AACREA. It is a civil association that integrates the Regional Consortia for Agricultural Experimentation, known in Argentina and Uruguay as CREA  groups. These working groups are made of farmers to promote the development of technology to produce and coordinate the productive tasks more efficiently. Often they cooperate with the National Agricultural Technology Institute, Universities and other institutions with which they have agreements in different regions.

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The Australian

In the article of The Australian, from March 19 2015, Andrew Bate tells about his robot technoloy. The farmer from central Queensland started his company Swarm Farms with the idea robots will take over some of the roles of big machinery in agriculture. One of these tasks will be spot spraying, with WEEDit.

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The Cutting Edge, is a Journal of the SANTFA (South Australian No-Till Farmers Association). In the edition of Spring 2012, an article about the help of selective spray units against the war on weeds. 

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De Gelderlander

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