WEED-IT Quadro

WEED-IT Quadro once again sets the standards for precision spraying. Effective weed detection and elimination is becoming increasingly important in today’s growing environment with less precipitation, limitations on herbicides usage and resistant weeds. To help growers combat weeds more effectively, precision spraying specialist Rometron introduces WEED-IT Quadro: the next generation spot spraying.

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Weed it better with WEED-IT Quadro weed detection and elimination technology

How much can you save on chemical cost?

Changing to the WEED-IT way of weeding? In a few, easy steps you can calculate how much and how fast you can save on chemical costs!

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Better, faster, more accurate

WEED-IT Quadro incorporates 10 years of worldwide experience with the WEED-IT Ag system. Quadro refers to the four detection zones of every WEED-IT detection sensor, each accounting for 25 cm (10 inches) of the entire spray boom width. The extra small zones with improved optics make sure the system never misses any weed. Whereas this additional accuracy is easily missed by the human eye, the blue LED-lighting is not. Blue LEDs have proven to be more sensitive to weeds and less sensitive to background noise and thus more efficient compared to red LED-lighting.

Adding to the increased accuracy and efficiency is the dual core processor for fast communication and high sampling frequency. It guarantees higher communication speeds that are needed to enable VRA, weed and biomass mapping and working with application maps.

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Key benefits of WEED-IT Quadro technology

  • Robust detection sensors
  • Fast PWM solenoids
  • The right spray rate at the right place
  • Work day and night
  • Automatic background calibration
  • Dual spraying
  • Fits on every sprayer
  • One single wetboom line
WEED-IT can be built on nearly every brand and type of sprayer.


The WEED-IT system can be built onto any brand and type of orchard sprayer, quad, ground glider & trailed sprayer, self-propelled sprayer, toolbar and even autonomous sprayers with working widths up to 36 m. You name it, we’ve built it!

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Additional operating modes

The improved pulse width modulation (PWM) nozzle control is capable of individual flow control per nozzle and this opens the technology up for two additional operating modes:

  1. Dual spraying
  2. Cover mode

This means that with the WEED-IT system, you can not only use the system in spot spraying mode to target all living green material on fallow land. In dual spraying, you can apply low application rates (like 30 l/ha) full width and higher rates (like 100 l/ha) with just one spray line. WEED-IT is the only manufacturer capable of offering dual spraying technology! And in cover mode, WEED-IT acts as a normal sprayer with pulse width modulation to be able to vary the rate continuously.

Boom Sprayer WEED-IT
The only system capable of offering dual spraying technology with just one spray line.
Cover Mode WEED-It spraying system
This mode is ideal if you want to get the most out of your (self-propelled) sprayer.

Lighter setup

The WEED-IT system with its single integrated sensor & solenoid cable harness, is not only easier to install onto almost every type and brand of sprayer, it is also easy to remove if required.

And even after adding all these new and improved functionalities, the WEED-IT sensors have not added weight which is quite extraordinary these days… With 700 grams each, they have even lost weight compared to the previous WEEDit Ag system!

With the WEED-IT Quadro system, WEED-IT once again sets the standards for precision spraying!

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  • Detection height: 110 cm
  • Detection width: 100 cm, divided in 4 zones of 25 cm
  • Sensor weight: 700 grams
  • Sensor size l x w x h: 20x10x7 cm
  • Sensor power consumption: max. 18.5 Watt
  • Solenoid power consumption: max. 2.5 Watt
  • Maximum width: 36 meters
  • Operating speeds: up to 25 kph (16 mph)

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WEED-IT is distributated around the world through several channels. Please contact your nearest dealer for more information.

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