Why to prefer WEED-IT?

Since 1999, WEED-IT is the most accurate, fastest and most easy to use weed detection and elimination technology available. By spraying only weeds, it helps you save up to 90% on chemical costs!


The new WEED-IT Quadro

The new WEED-IT Quadro incorporates 10 years of worldwide experience with the WEED-IT Ag system. Quadro refers to the four detection zones of every WEED-IT detection sensor, each accounting for 25 cm (10 inches) of the entire spray boom width. The extra small zones with improved optics make sure the system never misses any weed. Whereas this additional accuracy is easily missed by the human eye, the new blue LED-lighting is not.

Better, faster, more accurate

Key benefits of WEED-IT Quadro technology

  • Robust detection sensors
  • Fast PWM solenoids
  • The right spray rate at the right place
  • Work day and night
  • Automatic background calibration
  • Dual spraying
  • Fits on every sprayer
  • One single wetboom line
More about the WEED-IT Quadro

The ins and outs of Pulse Width Modulation (PMW)

Over the past 10 years, interest in Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology for agricultural sprayers has increased significantly. Yet, there’s also some pitfalls involved and there’s a common (mis)understanding that higher frequencies are better than lower frequencies. In practice, it is not the frequency itself, but the way manufacturers are using the right frequency in combination with the duty cycle to reach the best spray result. Therefore, WEED-IT’s PWM expert wrote a white paper on the do’s and don’ts of the use of PWM technology on sprayers.

Download our PWM whitepaper

Why shift from red to blue?

Rometron and Wageningen University and Research (WUR) started about 5 years ago to research and test if red LED-lighting still was the most state-of-art technology available and feasible. 

“That research proved that blue LED-lighting hadn’t only become technically feasible, it also proved to be superior in energy efficiency to any other colour including red. Blue LEDs, in fact, are currently 150 percent more efficient than red LEDs.”

Weed it precision spraying

Why aren’t blue LEDs ‘forever’?

“We strive to remain the number 1 spot and precision spraying system in the world and use the technologies we see fit best to accommodate our customers and their businesses. And therefore, blue LEDs aren’t forever.”

Download our whitepaper here!

Read more about our technology

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How much can you save?

Are you curious about how much and how fast you can save on chemical costs by changing to the WEED-IT way of weeding? Then please fill out the fields below to quickly find out what your savings can be and how much time you need to justify WEED-IT.

ROI calculator
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