WEED-IT Precision Spraying

Since 1999, WEED-IT is the most accurate, fastest and most easy to use weed detection and elimination technology available. By spraying only weeds, it helps you save up to 90% on chemical costs!

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Spot Spraying
Testomonial Myring Farming

Myring Farming

Cecil Plains (Queensland), Australia

Myring Farms is saving 85% under tough conditions.

Myring Farms is growing legumes, millets, chick peas, wheat, barley and sorghum on around 2,000 hectares. Since early 2016 we are a user of WEED-IT and have sprayed some 10,000 hectares using the equipped toolbar.

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WEED-IT spot sprayer
WEED-IT spot sprayer

Tim & Ritchie Gleeson Farms

Natya (Victoria), Australia

We're very happy with the results.

Before using WEED-IT, speeds of around 36 km/h were common. However, in comparison with driving a WEED-IT system at 17 km/h under these conditions, the total spraying time was equal for the same paddock size.

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Croplands WEED-IT
Croplands WEED-IT

Agroservice Brazil

Luis Eduardo Magalhães (Bahia), Brazil

Using herbicides to blanket spray the fields, the operational costs are very high.

With the WEED-IT system, we only apply 20% to 30% of chemical in comparison with blanket spraying. We are able to work with the required rate to solve the problem, but at much lower costs.

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WEED-IT can be built onto nearly every type and brand of sprayer


The WEED-IT system can be built onto any type and brand of ground glider &trailed sprayer, quad, orchard sprayer, toolbar,self-propelled sprayer and even autonomous sprayers with working widths up to 36 m. You name it, we’ve built it!

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