With WEED-IT mounted on a toolbar, you have a dedicated tool to combat weeds.

tool to combat weeds

A toolbar to combat weeds

A toolbar is mounted in the three point linkage of a tractor and is available from small workings widths (3 meter) up to big size machines (24 meter) carried on support wheels. It requires a relatively low investment and your spraying equipment remains available at all times for any type of other crop protection measurements.

spraying equipment
tool to combat weeds
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Our WEED-IT Quadro

Our new technology is better, faster and more accurate than our previous WEED-IT Ag.
This technology is called the WEED-IT Quadro. This new technology is easy to install and easy to remove!

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Our new technology!
WEED-IT Quadro

Aks your local Dealer

Is this implementations ideal for your situation? Ask your local dealer to see all the different possibility's.
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Our Distributors
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