Self-propelled Sprayers

WEED-IT technology is a perfect addition to any type of self-propelled sprayer for efficient, fast and high capacity weed detection and elimination.


WEED-IT has decades of experience

With its own active light source, you can work day and night to get the utmost from your high capacity self-propelled sprayer.

Based on decades of experience, we’ve learned that just one sensor every meter is sufficient to guarantee a 100% effect and to not influence the stability nor durability of your spray boom. Crucial at up to 25 kph operating speeds!

WEED-IT can be built onto any type of self-propelled sprayer with working widths up to 36 m Besides, your spraying equipment remains available at all times for any type of other crop protection measurements.

self propelled sprayer self propelled sprayer
WEED-IT technology WEED-IT technology
crop protection measurements crop protection measurements
Self propelled Sprayers6 Precision spraying
WEED-IT Netherlands WEED-IT Netherlands
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Weed spray technology Weed spray technology
Weed spraying Weed spraying
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Calculate your ROI

With our way of weeding you'll save on chemical costs, but do you know how much and how fast you can save?
With our ROI calculator you can calculate it in a few steps.

This way you know how WEED-IT can help you save on chemical costs.

Calculate it now!

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