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The progresses of our intelligent spot spraying system WEED-IT Quadro is the WEED-IT Ag, which offers you a smart and responsible advantage in precision agriculture. WEED-IT uses cutting-edge smart technology, making weed control easy, precise, and cost-effective. Advanced sensor technology and highly accurate solenoid spray nozzles enable you to save big time - on herbicide chemicals, on expenses, on time spent controlling weeds, and on your impact on the environment. Our user-friendly system is easy to operate with no need for special expertise. The entire WEED-IT precision spraying system can be fitted or retrofitted onto your existing sprayer. Read all our application options here!

The easy-to-use control panel features intuitive design. There is no need to bother with manual calibration or fussy preparations. Simply activate the system and operate your system driving up to 25km/h while the sensors detect and spray even the tiniest growths of weeds.

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A system of linked sensors scans the soil, emitting red light to detect unwanted plant life. While you simply drive your tractor across the field, sets of five individual nozzles cover each 1-meter section, while the ground surface is scanned at a rate of 40,000 times per second. Natural plant chemicals called chlorophyll respond to the red light by absorbing it and emitting near infrared (NIR) light back onto the sensors. The WEED-IT sensors pick up even the tiniest specks of NIR, and react by activating particular sets of spray nozzles. Each individual spray solenoid opens up in 1 millisecond, spraying the targeted weed with a your pre-specified mix of chemicals. As you carry on driving, WEED-IT spots, targets, and kills weeds with incredible accuracy, saving you time, effort, and up to 90% of the herbicide chemicals needed for regular weed control.

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