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WEED IT Quadro Red 3591

WEED-IT Quadro

The WEED-IT Quadro is our new spot spraying technology. The Quadro has a new elimination and detection technology! This way the technology is better, faster and more accurate. With this technology you'll save on chemical costs! Do you want to know how much you can save? Calculate your ROI here!

WEED-IT plays Beat it!

Our Spot spraying technology beats all the weeds. They do this quite musical don't you think?

Testing our WEED-IT Technology

Quality is very important to us. That's why we're testing our products. We test our products in house. This way we want to ensure the high standard quality from the WEED-IT Quadro. Curious about how we test our products? You can see it in the video's below!

WEED-IT Knowledge Center

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WEED-IT on Ground Gliders

WEED-IT is suitable to be placed on different type of vehicles. Our first WEED-IT was placed on a quadbike! The WEED-IT technology can also be placed at a ground glider. Check out the video below. Here the WEED-IT is placed on a ground glider in Australia.


Previous to the WEED-IT Quadro, we were marketing WEEDit Ag and still the WEEDit Ag is being used around the world. For example this technology is being used in Australia. See how the WEED-IT technology is being used in practice.

WEEDit Ag on Amazone UX 5200

Like we said before, our WEED-IT technology can be placed on different vehicles. In this video you'll see WEEDit Ag on an Amazone UX 5200. Amazone is one of our distributors around the world. Curious about our other distributors, check them all at our distributors overview!

Testing our cables

Guaranteeing the quality from our products is very important for WEED-IT.
That's why we test all our products at our testing center in Holland.

These cables are tested with air, to see if the cables are airtight.
If this is the case, water won't get in the cable! Cables are also tested on connectivity to ensure the pinning is right.

The power of Fluorescence

Fast, foolproof, robust and with the highest success rate: those are the reasons why WEED-IT users count on the power of fluorescence. And therefore, Rometron relies on fluorescence technology as the best suitable technology for weed management.

Producing our own WEED-IT cables

We produce our own cables in house. These cables are used for our own WEED-IT technology. Do you want to know how we do this?

We’ve made a video to give you a glimpse of our way of working.

WEED-IT - an extensive warehouse

Our own renewed warehouse!

Last year we’ve expanded and renewed our warehouse.

At this place we store all our products. We work with healthy stock levels to minimise delivery times.

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