If you want to read the latest news about our WEED-IT technology, then you're here at the right place. Here you can read all the latest news about our technology and some other developments!

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Why WEED-IT and robots are such a great combination

In 2014, Australian SwarmFarm Robotics was the first manufacturer to equip a robotic sprayer with WEED-IT technology. A combination that allows for fully autonomous and highly efficient weed control. Since then, not only SwarmFarm has chosen WEED-IT, there’s many more (to come). Here’s why WEED-IT and robots are such a great combination


WEED-IT Partners: Croplands

WEED-IT’s success highly depends on the expertise, service and network of its distributors. They are our eyes and ears in the regions and markets where WEED-IT is active. They also represent the voice of the customer for product feedback, after sales service and future developments.


WEED-IT evolves with market needs and conditions

Selective weed spraying specialist Rometron proudly introduces WEED-IT Quadro Red, the next evolution in weed elimination from the world’s most widely used selective spraying technology.


On our way to precision spraying in soybean crops

Together with several partners, WEED-IT is involved in an international project for the development and implementation of technologies and know-how for smart soybean production.


WUR researchers visit Rometron

Sharing and exchanging knowledge has always been at the forefront of what we do and we greatly value every opportunity to do so. So when researchers from WUR Agro Field Technology Innovations wanted to visit, we were delighted!


Accessing the potential of soybean variable rate desiccation with WEED-IT

For the second year in a row, Rometron, the manufacturers of WEED-IT precision spraying technology, are involved in an international project for the development and implementation of technologies and know-how for smart soybean production.


Adding extra precision with boom height sensors

No matter the type of sprayer, maintaining the correct boom height is essential for the best effectiveness of your spray jobs. There are balancing systems, support wheels and boom height sensors to assist sprayer operators in doing so.


How a puncture led to selling a WEED-IT

After visiting a client, Client Service Specialist of our American distributor AgriTech America, Ryan Amen’s truck got a puncture in Colorado.


Future engineers meet Rometron alumni

What career opportunities do future engineers who graduate from the bachelor Agrotechnology and master Biosystems Engineering at Wageningen University have?


Agrifac selects WEED-IT spot spraying technology

WEED-IT manufacturer Rometron and Dutch sprayer manufacturer Agrifac have signed an agreement to equip Agrifac Condor self-propelled sprayers with WEED-IT technology for more efficient, smarter and above all more sustainable weed management.


WEED-IT Isobus implementation certified by the AEF

WEED-IT recently passed the Isobus test of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) successfully. WEED-IT is now officially certified for Isobus operations and the first precision spot spraying system to be part of the AEF Isobus Database! With Isobus, users can control their WEED-IT system from their own terminal in the tractor or self-propelled sprayer and prevent unnecessary spraying with section control.


WEED-IT can potentially save Canadian farmers money

In an article on Canadian website Grainews, Jesper Voois from our distributor Croplands recently explained how WEED-IT can potentially save farmers money and, perhaps equally importantly, help farmers afford the fight against herbicide-resistant weeds.


WEED-IT Quadro introduces a new set of features

WEED-IT introduces a new set of features that enables WEED-IT Quadro users to use their system for full coverage spraying. Another, world’s first (!) feature is stepless nozzle control technology to continuously apply the optimal application rate.


New Team - New Challenges

The Rometron WEED-IT team of engineers has recently been expanded with our newest employee Bart Lammers and the two interns Maurice de Koning and David Bergevoet. Bart just finished his study Electrical Engineering focussed on Robotics & Mechatronics at the University of Twente and Maurice and David both study embedded software development. Together with team lead Alwin Meenderink, they are working on new technologies to transfer WEED-IT data communication to the cloud. The engineers have also teamed up with embedded systems and IoT-specialist Inspiro.

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