How a puncture led to selling a WEED-IT

After visiting a client, Client Service Specialist of our American distributor AgriTech America, Ryan Amen’s truck got a puncture in Colorado.

DSC 0281

Mr. Shook helped him out

While a puncture can normally be quite a hassle in rural America, Ryan was lucky enough to get his puncture close to Jason Shook’s farm. As Mr. Shook was keen to help out, he was asking Ryan about his reason of passing by and Ryan explained about his role as Client Service Specialist for WEED-IT.

Being a pioneering farmer himself, Jason Shook was that intrigued by Ryan’s story and convinced about WEED-IT technology being a perfect solution for his weed management that he bought a WEED-IT Quadro system <<include link>> for his Case IH Patriot sprayer.

DSC 0307

WEED-IT installation

Mr. Shook took on the WEED-IT installation and calibration himself and on the photos, he, AgriTech America and a WEED-IT engineer from The Netherlands are commissioning and setting up the WEED-IT system. He will be using the WEED-IT to spot/selectively spray problem weeds like Kochia and Russian thistle in order to lower his chemical use and to further prevent the weeds from getting resistant to herbicides.

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