Cover mode

Cover mode is yet another unique WEED-IT feature. While using it for incrop spraying, your sprayer acts as a normal sprayer, but with pulse width modulation (PWM) to maintain the set spray rate independent to the operation speed and boom movement.

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Broadcast spray weeds and plants

In cover mode or incrop mode, a WEED-IT equipped sprayer is capable of doing everything a normal sprayer does. Sections are switched on and off by GPS or hand. As WEED-IT always incorporates individual nozzle control, individual sections are as small as 25 or 50 centimetres (10 - 20 inches). Another standard feature - since 1999 - are the PWM controlled nozzles. PWM enables sprayer operators to maintain a set application rate independent to the vehicle speed. Thus: while accelerating, slowing down and while spraying in curves and corners, the PWM technology ensures that each individual plant gets the same targeted quantity and droplet size.

This PWM technology automatically, pending the chosen setting, can adjust for driving speed (up to 25 kph/15 mph), boom height, movement and speed, and for corners. This way, WEED-IT always maintains the correct application rate and in irregular shaped fields. Whether herbicides, insecticides or fungicides, we’ve got you covered with our cover mode! The WEED-IT sensors (can) still locate weeds and plants to keep track of weed hot spots and plant development.

In-crop broadcast/full-coverage spraying summarised

  • Suitable for weeds and plants
  • Broadcast spraying of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides
  • PWM technology ensures correct application rate
  • Speed and curve compensation
  • VRA application possible
  • Retrofittable to any type of sprayer
  • Map biomass levels Crop Density Data of crops on the go

WEED-IT Quadro

WEED-IT Quadro incorporates over 10 years of worldwide experience with the WEED-IT Ag system. Quadro refers to the four detection zones of every WEED-IT detection sensor, each accounting for 25 cm (10 inches) of the entire spray boom width. The extra small zones with improved optics make sure the system never misses any weed.

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Save on your chemical costs!

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