7W Farms - Greg and Matt Woods

Gregg Woods and Matt Woods are two farmers that are using the WEED-IT technology for quite some time now. And they would like to tell you something about this. If you’re searching for a spot spraying system then you should take a look at the WEED-IT. Especially if you wanna save some money on your spray bills, or are concerned about spraying on brown brown and the environment.

WEED-IT Robotics

The blue lights

These sensors are made of blue light and that reflex offload the core fill and actively growing the plant. That reflection is what these sensors pick up and that is how it determines where and when it should spray.

With the first spray with the WEED-IT, I sprayed 1100 Acres using only 1200 gallons of chemicals. That’s a huge amount less chemicals compared to what they normally where doing.

WEED-IT technology

How did they discovered the WEED-IT?

We heard about the WEED-IT and we figured we could pay for it, in our size of farm in a couple of years. And after that we would realise significant savings and put some money in our pocket. In these times that's the most important.

Matt addsI pushed my father Gregg over the edge, he was looking into it and I was hesitant. But after some research, it was a definite let’s get this!”

Greg and Matt Woods their WEED-IT system is sold and serviced by AgriTech America.

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