Mike Standly- Garden City, KS 2

After Mike Standly saw what the WEED-IT could do, he figured out that he would get a lot of benefits only using minimal chemicals.

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Savings up to 90%

We asked Mike Standly what the WEED-IT has achieved for him in the way that he is farming.

"Well for one, an obviously benefit is that we aren't using as many chemicals as we did in the past. Our rotations may change, might be able to go back to some more weed in rotation. That is a lot less risk in that crop, but our import cost is too high when we are running broadcast spray applications. It eats too much of our profit on the weed crop."

"When you're running the WEED-IT, if you are saving 90%, you will turn out 40 or 50 dollar chemical bills in the summer on a fellow system down to 4 or 5 dollars an acre."

The real benefit that I see

"The real benefit that I see, noxious weeds like Johnson grass is really hard to target, because the mixes can be very expensive."

"When I go with the WEED-IT depends on rain, but if I see weeds out there I think it is time to go. If they are an inch tall, I have no problem going across it with the WEED-IT sprayer."

The main reason I bought it

"The main reason that I bought it? After I saw what it could do, I was reverting back to running tillage, to undercutters to V-blade sweepes because we could do it for 2 dollars an acre, whereas chemicals maybe cost 15 or 20 dollars an acre. And you’re doing three or four times a summer just to catch up on your weeds."

"I figured that this system is not as cheap or cheaper than running a sweep plou, and the nicest thing is that you’re not working the ground. You’re getting the benefits and you’re only using minimal chemicals."

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