Find below a few testimonials of current WEEDit customers.

Chris Carroll - Carroll Brothers Crop Spraying, Moree (NSW) Australia

Croplands WEEDit system mounted on a RoGator

“We switched away from a different type of spot spraying system a few years back and WEEDit has been 100 times better. With the other system we were having problems with reliability and missing weeds and it got to the point that we weren’t keen on using it and would blanket spray to make sure it cleaned up the paddock. You just wipe the cameras over in the morning while checking your jets and you can go all day.”


John Kent – Crop Producer, Jimbour (QLD) Australia

Croplands 12 metre WEEDit Toolbar Kit

“It is simple to use, plug n play, and did the job very well. We were targeting big thistles and little fleabane, the most we used was 6.7% in any area, with the average area applied being around 3%”.

Andrew Johnston – Agronomist, Dalby Rural Supplies (QLD) Australia

“It’s the tool we use with our customers to target specific weeds at specific times. It means we don’t have to be on paddock immediately. WEEDit provides flexibility to hold off spraying for a short period and target the weeds at ideal times. WEEDit allows us to strategically manage paddocks when controlling feathertop. We don’t look at blanket applications, instead we look at more strategic mixes with different chemistries.”

Fletcher Rasmussen - Darling Downs (QLD), Australia

"Since the end of 2016 we use a toolbar with WEEDit equipped on it to spray our 1000 hectares of cotton, barley, wheat and sorghum. It is easy in use and so far, it has been good for 95% savings on chemical."


Myring Farming - Cecil Plains (QLD), Australia

"Myring Farms is cropping legumes, millets, chick peas, wheat, barley and sorghum on around 2000 hectares. Since early 2016 we are a user of WEEDit and have sprayed some 10.000 hectares using the equipped toolbar. We mainly the WEEDit system to frequently spray for feather top and other tough weeds and to spray fungicides. Because of the dust and extreme dry air, positioning of the spray is a higher priority than savings. Still, 85% savings are reached under these circumstances."


Rob Matthews - Rushworth (VIC), Australia

"We use the WEEDit system since 2011 at our farm of circa 5500 acres. We mostly crop wheat and sheep fodder. After some minor adjustments to our standard groundglider - flaps behind the backwheels and a longer drawbar for the dusty conditions in this area - we have good results. Overall, we can say we achieve around 80% savings on chemical."

Tim & Ritchie Gleeson Farms - Natya (VIC), Australia

"We're happy with the results so far. Before using WEEDit, speeds of around 36 km/hr were common. However, in comparison with driving a WEEDit at 17 km/hr under these conditions, the total spraying time was equal for the same paddock size. This due to a lower number of refill moments when using WEEDit. Currently, we use 10% of the chemical of what we would normally use doing a blanket spray. Until so far, in less than a year we sprayed 24.000 hectares on our paddocks using WEEDit."


Agroservice Brazil - Luis Eduardo Magalhães (BA), Brazil

"Using herbicides to blanket spray the fields, the operational costs are very high. Using the WEEDit system, we only apply 20% to 30% of chemical in comparison with blanket spraying. We are able to work with the required rate to solve the problem, but at much lower costs."