WEEDit has a long history in the world of spraying. During the years it has been developed from a spot spray system on pavements towards precision spraying technology in agriculture worldwide.

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The foundation of WEED-IT and its manufacturer Rometron, already dates back to 1999. In that year, Rometron’s founder Roel de Jonge Msc, acquired the WEED-IT technology from his graduation project on selective weed sprayingand elimination for public paved areas from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in The Netherlands.

The revolutionary spot spraying technology enables contractors and municipalities to save up to 50 to 70% on the use of crop protection chemicals by spraying only at the right spots (weeds) and to prevent run-off. Through the years, the weed detection and elimination technology was constantly improved and the main motivations of WEED-IT have always stayed the same: precise, easy to use and environmentally sound detection and elimination of weeds.

Many players, just one specialist

In the years 2007 - 2009, Australian farmers experienced severe increases of herbicide costs and in their search for alternative and efficient weed elimination measurements, they turned to the WEED-IT spot sprayer. In 2009, WEED-IT found its way to hundreds of farmers all over the world including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Africa and the USA to help combat all kinds of infestations. Not only for spot spraying on fallow ground, but also for regular crop protection.

The success of WEED-IT has led to the arrival of other players to the market. Yet, WEED-IT is the only specialist and the only technology that calibrates and corrects automatically and ultrafast for different soil and background conditions (dry, wet, shade). The system can be built onto any type and brand of ground glider & trailed sprayer, quad, orchard sprayer, toolbar,self-propelled sprayer and even autonomous sprayers with working widths up to 36 m.

And with our latest WEED-IT Quadro system, WEED-IT once again sets the standards for precision spraying!

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