Our applications

Three different application modes make sure the WEED-IT system is all you need to eliminate every kind of weed with any type and brand of sprayer.


In spot spraying mode, WEED-IT targets all living green material on fallow land to maximise moisture availability and to minimise competition and herbicide resistance.

WEED-IT only sprays where needed and just uses a small amount of chemicals. This makes it the ultimate type of risk and weed managementtechnology available. No need to wait, to guess or to doubt whether or not to spray. With WEED-IT precision spraying you’re always right on target!

WEED-IT is one of the very few manufacturers capable of offering dual spraying technology to apply low application rates (like 30 l/ha ) full width and higher rates (like 100 l/ha) with just one spray line.

In cover mode, WEED-IT acts as a normal sprayer, with pulse width modulation to be able to vary the rate continuously.

The WEED-IT Quadro system uses even higher communication speeds that enable VRA, weed and biomass mapping and working with application maps.

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