Cleaning Nozzles

Flush the nozzles regularly with clean water to avoid clogging.

  1. Fill the tank with water.
  2. Start the system.
  3. Wait until the Main screen opens.
  4. Press to flush all nozzles.

To clean an individual nozzle more thoroughly, use the nozzle cleaning menu (102):

  1. Make sure there are no plants in the detection line (to prevent the corresponding nozzles from spraying continuously in step 6).
  2. Stop the vehicle.
  3. Enter the Service mode.
  4. Press repeatedly until menu 102 opens.
  5. Press to activate Detection. As long as Detection is active, the leaf icon will flash.
  6. Activate the nozzle by supplying chlorophyl (green plant material) in the corresponding sensor channel.
  7. Press again to stop.
  8. Press to return to the Main screen

Reading Job Productivity

Several options are available to check job productivity apart from the information given in the Main screen.

  1. Enter the Service mode.
  2. Press repeatedly until menu 103 opens.

Go to Job Menu for more information.

Read more about changing the PMW mode
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