Why WEED-IT relies on car and truck technology

There’s no such thing as out of the blue! Why WEED-IT relies on car and truck technology. WEED-IT Quadro, the newest precision spraying technology from Dutch selective weed spraying specialist Rometron, uses blue LED-lighting to identify weeds and plants. But it isn’t the colour that counts, says the company’s founder and owner, it’s the technology.

WEED IT Quadro Red 3591

Why use red LED’s?

The WEEDit Ag system, predecessor of the latest WEED-IT Quadro system, uses red LEDs. This red colour was chosen for a specific reason. Until recently, research together with Dutch Wageningen University and Research (WUR) proved that red LED light was the most energy efficient for use in mobile weed detection technology. You could say, it was the most state-of-art technology available and feasible. Similar to red rear LED lights on cars.

Why shift from red to blue?

Rometron and Wageningen University and Research (WUR) started about 5 years ago to research and test if red LED-lighting still was the most state-of-art technology available and feasible. “That research proved that blue LED-lighting hadn’t only become technically feasible, it also proved to be superior in energy efficiency to any other colour including red. Blue LEDs, in fact, are currently 150 percent more efficient than red LEDs.”

Why aren’t blue LEDs ‘forever’?

“We strive to remain the number 1 spot and precision spraying system in the world and use the technologies we see fit best to accommodate our customers and their businesses. And therefore, blue LEDs aren’t forever.”

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